Ambassador Program

Become an Ambassador
& Earn Rewards 

Contribute to Earn & Grow with Dexilon: become an Early Ambassador, get Early Access to the DXLN Tokens & Collectibles, network with some of the brightest minds in the industry, partake in the USDT Talent Reward Pool, and get a chance to join the Dexilon Team.

About Program

Your Benefits

Earn Rewards

Fill a role for a place in the XXXXX USDT Monthly Talent Reward Pool and get Early Access to the DXLN Tokens & Collectibles. 


Grow with Like-Minded People
in a Career-Rich Environment and Explore New Roles in the Dexilon Team.

Gain Access

Get News & New Features First-Hand from the Team to Post-About-It-First & become our Officially Unofficial Twitter Insider. 

Our Requirements

We are looking for

Who you are

  • You enthusiastic about crypto and can tell coin from token
  • You learn quickly, are proactive, and highly motivated
  • You want to become a member of the Dexilon Family
  • You have Creative, Technical, or Communicative Skills
  • You can dedicate at least 10+ hours per week
  • And have an active following on Social Media

What you will do

  • Create content, like videos, edits, graphics, or articles
  • Be the first to participate in the localization of Dexilon products
  • Inspire Engagement in the Community of your Choice
  • Help the Newcomers
  • Represent your country or region in the community
  • Interact with the local community to promote Dexilon
  • Attract followers to our social media
How it works


We provide you with a space to grow. Claim rewards for a job well done, and enjoy the benefits of Corporate Growth & Mentorship.

Special Early Access to the Inner Community. Network with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

3 simple steps

How it Works