What is Dexilon?

This is the exchange you have always dreamed for. Dexilon is a best in kind Decentralized Derivatives Exchange which run on custom blockchain with the central limit order book. Our product offers self-custody, lightspeed execution, best trading fees and radical transparency.

What assets does Dexilon offer?

Dexilon offers USDC margin perpetual futures at the beginning. In the future we will expand into delivery futures and options.

How to trade on Dexilon?

Easy peasy. You would need to complete just a few steps outlined in the guide.

How to trade crypto derivatives?

Hehe… with the Gods help

Is KYC needed to get started?

No, KYC isn’t needed. Customers can authorize for trading using their crypto wallet. Please refer to the step by step guide on how to connect to our exchange.

How safe is Dexilon? Where will my funds be stored?

You are in charge of your money. Dexilon is very safe, because contrary to the Centralized Exchanges, Dexilon does not store any of the customer funds. Customers deposit funds to the smart contract, which can be verified and audited.

Why is Dexilon the best exchange in the world?
  • You are in charge of your money
  • Dexilon isn’t a Black Box. This is a radically transparent environment, unlike typical exchanges where users are segregated by their amount of capital, relations, etc..
  • Dexilon has been designed to give equal opportunities for all counterparties
  • You think all DEX designed like this? You are wrong – they are made as a manipulation environment.