Professional Crypto Trading Terminals: Transform Your Trading Journey

1, June, 2023 •

Crypto trading terminals are advanced software platforms designed to help traders monitor, analyze, and trade cryptocurrencies more effectively. These terminals often provide users with a wide range of tools, including real-time market data, charting, and technical analysis, which can help traders make better-informed decisions. Additionally, they often support the automation of trading strategies, allowing traders to execute trades more efficiently and minimize the risk of human error. Keep reading to learn more about top crypto terminals on the market that will help you enhance your trading and boost your crypto profits.

List of Best Crypto Trading Terminals

  1. Dexilon
  2. 3Commas
  3. Altrady
  4. Coinigy
  5. Atani
  6. HyperTrader


A cryptocurrency trading terminal serves as a specialized software for professional exchange trading, offering customizable workspaces and market analysis tools. Essentially, crypto trading terminal is a trader’s one-stop hub for all trading and analytical needs.


Dexilon employs a limit order book powered by its native blockchain to deliver secure and transparent trading experiences. Governed by its community, the platform offers enhanced efficiency through arbitrage opportunities fostered by funding rates and rebates. Dexilon seamlessly handles numerous transactions per second (TPS) without network congestion.

Recently, Dexilon released a robust tool for traders – Dexilon Terminal. It is designed to support traders by gathering data from leading centralized and decentralized exchanges, macroeconomic indicators, DeFi, and more. This comprehensive information helps traders make well-informed decisions through insightful charts. The following charts are now available:

  • Depth Chart displays order book data from major CEXs, enabling traders to identify potential barriers and determine the current trading channel.
  • Bid-to-Ask Ratio indicates potential price changes based on the balance of bids and asks.
  • Order Book Volume by Exchange assesses liquidity across asset classes, such as derivatives or spot, in major exchanges.
  • Asset Price on Various Exchanges (SPOT, Futures Perpetual) offers a convenient tool for discovering arbitrage opportunities.
  • Dominance presents the token’s market cap percentage within the overall crypto market capitalization.
  • Orderbook Walls highlights the trading volumes happening at certain price levels, concentrating on the existing price walls. This tool assists traders in identifying the current trading channel.
  • Volume-Weighted Average Price (Spot, Futures Perpetual) evaluates the liquidity of assets across multiple exchanges and informs traders about slippage and potential price shifts.
  • Trading Vol Distribution (Spot, Futures Perpetual) illustrates the volume of buying and selling activity for an asset at a given price. This chart helps determine critical price levels.
  • Orderbook vol by time (Spot, Futures Perpetual) shows the historical evolution of liquidity, providing valuable insights for trend analysis and informed trading decisions.
  • Top Performer displays a list of tokens ranked by the percentage of their price increase
  • Top Loser provides a list of tokens sorted by the percentage of their price decrease.
  • DEX vs CEX Marketshare (Spot, Futures Perpetual) displays DEX and CEX market shares, based on liquidity data.
  • Listings&Delistings offers details about trading pairs, the platform used, and the timing of the listing or delisting, equipping traders with valuable insights for potential opportunities.


Dexilon Terminal has already been updated to make it more convenient and faster. More exciting things are coming up, since Dexilon is currently working on a chart with metrics about exchanges’ credibility to be able to present users with easily digestible information about the scam score for exchanges. Dexilon Terminal is currently free of charge for everyone, but eventually it will be free for Dexilon users only.


3Commas is among the top-tier and cutting-edge trading terminals in the crypto space. As a cloud-based platform, it is accessible as a crypto desktop terminal or mobile apps. Available exclusively for premium plans, users gain access to 23 supported exchanges, a multi-tiered referral program, a public API, a unified portfolio for all crypto accounts, complimentary mobile apps, and paper trading. By minimizing technical hurdles for platforms and partners, 3Commas Cloud allows you to concentrate on user acquisition and enabling local fiat access, maximizing your revenue potential in the cryptocurrency trading space. 

The terminal offers a free trial and three different plans Starter, Advanced and Pro. The prices range from $29 to $99 with the chance to get a discount of up to $22 and $74 respectively, if you pay annually.


Based in the Netherlands, Altrady is a crypto trading terminal that offers access to several exchanges through a single platform. Altrady streamlines your trading experience by consolidating control over multiple exchanges in a single platform. Offering unique visual feedback on positions and trade history, it delivers valuable insights into your profit progress. The upgraded mobile app provides a great trading experience across all exchanges, eliminating the need for multiple apps.

The integrated alert system monitors positions and sends instant notifications through the terminal or mobile app, enabling efficient trade management and granting you time away from the screen. Smart trading functions let you set up comprehensive entry and exit strategies, allowing the system to manage positions automatically. With easy-to-use signal and grid bots, Altrady helps increase trading productivity while minimizing unnecessary losses. 

Altrady offers a limited free version for those who want to try the system with no risk. There are also three packages with more advanced offering: Basic, Essential and Premium with €17.47/mo, €31.47/mo and €55.97/mo respectively.


Coinigy, a multi-exchange trading software originating from Milwaukee, has been catering to the cryptocurrency market since 2014. With Coinigy, you gain access to over 45 exchanges and benefit from Coinigy’s extensive connectivity throughout the crypto realm. Enjoy real-time pricing data, full-featured spot trading, Arbitrage Matrix, and comprehensive portfolio management tools. Coinigy provides SMS and email alerts for prices and trades, keeping you informed and ahead of the competition. As an all-in-one solution for monitoring exchanges and wallets, Coinigy serves as an exceptional anti-theft resource for cryptocurrencies. 

Experience no additional exchange fees and select from subscription options after the trial period. The pricing model is pretty simple: PRO TRADER package costs $18.66 per month and API DEV PRO – $99.99 per month. Coinigy also offers a 7-day free trial. 


Next up is Atani, a versatile trading application that serves as your all-in-one access point to over 22 different cryptocurrency exchanges. Atani lets you execute professional-level trades with advanced order types such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and OCO. It’s a non-custodial platform, meaning your funds and API keys stay secure, as Atani doesn’t have access to them. Operating by connecting to crypto exchanges via API keys, Atani gives you the freedom to trade like a pro without any hidden costs. Enjoy its powerful features without worrying about monthly subscriptions or hidden charges – Atani is completely free to use.


HyperTrader boasts a plethora of remarkable features, making it the perfect tool for day traders, swing traders, and scalpers alike. Its enhanced user experience and improved efficiency allow for swift actions, potentially resulting in significantly increased profits. The platform’s unique split-chart functionality enables users to monitor multiple assets across different exchanges simultaneously. With the ability to display up to four charts at once and choose from fifteen distinct layouts, users can optimize their screen space for seamless trading. The multi-chart trading feature synchronizes symbols, intervals, crosshairs, time, and drawings, ensuring that users can customize their views to suit any requirement.


The evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading platforms offers a myriad of tools and services to aid traders. Dexilon, with its recently launched Dexilon Terminal, provides comprehensive market data and enhances trading efficiency. 3Commas, with its cloud-based solution, facilitates multi-exchange trading and portfolio management. Altrady stands out with its unique visual feedback system, advanced alert system, and smart trading functions, while Coinigy offers extensive connectivity, real-time data, and robust portfolio management tools. Atani and HyperTrader, each with their own unique features, provide further alternatives for those seeking to diversify their trading toolkit. As the crypto market continues to grow, these platforms are pushing boundaries to provide a more efficient, secure, and profitable trading experience. HyperTrader is available for free.

Best crypto terminals – the advantages of using the new technology

The crypto trading terminal offers a range of advantages that cater to the needs of modern traders:

  • Personalized trading experience: The crypto terminal is highly customizable, allowing traders to tailor it to their specific strategies. This flexibility ensures a seamless trading experience aligned with each individual’s preferences and objectives.
  • Comprehensive data consolidation: By aggregating data from various crypto exchanges, the trading terminal provides users with a holistic view of market trends and opportunities. This comprehensive data access enables traders to make well-informed decisions based on extensive market information.
  • Centralized trading toolkit: The crypto trading terminal brings together all essential trading tools and resources in one location, streamlining the trading process. This centralized approach not only saves time but also increases efficiency, allowing traders to focus on executing successful trades and maximizing their returns.

Crypto terminals provide traders with a customizable, data-driven, and centralized solution that enhances their trading experience. By offering a personalized environment, comprehensive market information, and an integrated suite of tools, the best bitcoin terminal empowers traders to make informed decisions and streamline their workflow, ultimately leading to improved trading outcomes and maximized returns.

Best trading terminal for crypto and how they work 

Crypto trading terminals operate by delivering a suite of features designed to optimize the trading experience for users:

  • Connection to multiple crypto exchanges: The trading terminal crypto allows users to connect to a variety of crypto exchanges, providing them with an extensive range of trading options and opportunities. This connectivity ensures a seamless and diverse trading experience across multiple platforms.
  • Advanced order types: The terminal supports the execution of sophisticated order types, such as Trailing Stop, Take Profit, and more. These advanced order options grant traders greater control over their trading activities and help them manage risks effectively.
  • Advanced data visualization: The terminal presents data in sophisticated graphs and charts, enabling users to better understand market trends and dynamics. These visualizations simplify complex data, making it more accessible and actionable for traders of all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive analytical tools: The trading terminal offers an array of tools for in-depth market analysis, empowering users to make informed decisions based on their insights. These tools provide traders with a solid foundation for crafting successful trading strategies.
  • Rapid order placement and cancellation: The terminal’s speed and efficiency allow users to place and cancel orders with minimal latency. This lightning-fast response time ensures that traders can react quickly to market changes, seizing opportunities and minimizing losses.

By offering these powerful features, the crypto trading terminal delivers an advanced, efficient, and user-friendly trading environment that caters to the diverse needs of modern traders.

In conclusion, professional crypto trading terminals such as Dexilon, Atani, HyperTrader, 3Commas, Altrady, and Coinigy are revolutionizing the way we approach cryptocurrency trading. These platforms blend innovation with efficiency, offering diverse functionalities from advanced order types to seamless multi-exchange connectivity, customizable alerts, and robust portfolio management tools. 

Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice venturing into the crypto world, these trading terminals provide a variety of features designed to streamline your trading journey. They deliver on their promise of transforming the trading experience, making it more insightful, secure, and profitable. Choose the one that suits your strategy and requirements the best and embark on your enhanced trading journey today. Remember, most of these platforms offer free trials or even fully free services, allowing you to take them for a spin before committing.


What is Crypto Trading Terminal?

Crypto Trading Terminal is a specialized software platform that enables users to effectively monitor, analyze, and trade cryptocurrencies. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools, it streamlines the trading process and allows users to make more informed decisions based on real-time market data and advanced analytics.


For instance, imagine a day trader who wants to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations in Bitcoin. Using a Crypto Trading Terminal like Dexilon, they can access real-time price charts, spot emerging trends, and apply technical analysis to identify optimal entry and exit points. This helps them execute trades with precision and minimize losses.

How does Crypto Terminal work?

A Crypto Trading Terminal works by connecting to various cryptocurrency exchanges and aggregating market data, such as price and trading volume, into a single platform. In simple words, it’s like a control center that gathers all the essential information you need to trade cryptocurrencies.


When you use a Crypto Trading Terminal, you can access real-time price charts and other tools that help you understand how the market is behaving. You can also analyze historical data, apply technical indicators to spot trends, and set price alerts to stay informed about market movements.


Additionally, Crypto Trading Terminals often allow you to manage your trades directly from the platform. This means you can buy, sell, or even automate your trading strategies without having to visit multiple exchanges. You simply connect your exchange accounts to the token terminal, and it takes care of executing the trades on your behalf.


In short, Crypto Trading Terminals simplify the trading process by providing an all-in-one platform where you can access market data, analyze trends, and manage your trades with ease.

What is the best crypto trading terminal?

The Dexilon Terminal stands out as the best crypto trading terminal by offering a great combination of benefits:

  • Comprehensive data sources: Dexilon Terminal goes beyond simply consolidating data from various crypto exchanges. It also includes valuable insights from macroeconomic indicators, DeFi platforms, and both centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing traders with a richer and more diversified data pool for informed decision-making.
  • Cutting-edge analytical tools: The Dexilon Terminal offers an array of advanced charting and visualization tools designed to help traders better understand complex market dynamics. These innovative tools, combined with a user-friendly interface, enable users to perform in-depth market analysis efficiently and effectively.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: The Dexilon Terminal is compatible with popular crypto wallets like MetaMask and Binance Wallet, ensuring a hassle-free experience for its users.
  • Community-driven approach: Dexilon Terminal places a strong emphasis on community governance, empowering users to contribute to the platform’s ongoing development and improvement. This democratic approach fosters a sense of collective ownership and encourages innovation, driving the platform’s continued growth and success.
  • Security and transparency: The Dexilon Terminal upholds the highest standards of security and transparency, thanks to its decentralized architecture and open-source features. Users can trust the platform to prioritize their safety and privacy, as well as to provide a fair and transparent trading environment.

Which crypto trading terminal is free to use?

Several crypto trading terminals offer free use, each providing unique benefits:


  • Dexilon: Dexilon boasts several impressive features. As one of the best crypto terminals provides a secure, transparent, and community-governed trading platform powered by its native blockchain. Dexilon also excels at handling a high volume of transactions per second (TPS) without the risk of congestion.
  • Atani: Atani stands out for its truly free-to-use trading platform that connects to over 22 different crypto exchanges. It empowers traders with advanced order types like Stop Loss, Take Profit, and OCO, operating as a non-custodial platform for enhanced security.
  • HyperTrader: HyperTrader provides a free version with a range of features perfect for day traders, swing traders, and scalpers alike. It enhances the user experience and improves efficiency, enabling users to monitor multiple assets across different exchanges simultaneously.

Meanwhile, other platforms like 3Commas, Altrady, and Coinigy offer free trial periods:


  • 3Commas: Known for its cloud-based platform, 3Commas provides users with a trial period to experience its multiple exchange trading and portfolio management capabilities.
  • Altrady: Offering a unique visual feedback system, smart trading functions, and an advanced alert system, Altrady also allows users a trial period to experience its functionalities.
  • Coinigy: Coinigy offers a trial period to users to experience its extensive connectivity, real-time pricing data, and robust portfolio management tools.

While free offerings or trials don’t encompass the full extent of features, they allow you to experience each platform’s unique benefits and choose the best cryptocurrency trading terminal that aligns with your trading strategy and needs.

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